Tuesday, August 7, 2012

CVS Shopping trip 8/07/2012

The trick to shopping at CVS is to sign up for all their programs, Beauty, Prescription, email mailing list so you will receive coupons and extra care bucks. For this shopping trip I had acquired a 25% off coupon through my email, 5 coupons related to Beauty items at the coupon kiosk (TIP: scan your card every time you go in and at least once a week) I also had $4 in Extra Bucks from my previous purchase this week of cereal and Reese cups for the Hubby LOL. I had Manufacture coupons from this past weeks paper for the Maybelline Mascara and lip gloss, the Sally Hansen nail products, the Dove body wash and the Herbal Essence/ Aussie hair care products as well as the Loreal Youth BB cream, I also had an old coupon for Purex that I hadnt used and not quite sure how I got it but I used it. And a coupon for the Old Spice Deodorants (not listed kids took them lol) Heres the breakdown:

Puffs Plus tissues 2/$3.00 (qualified for $30 PG promotion to earn $10 ECB)
Old Spice Deoderant 2/$5 (qualified for $30 PG promotion to earn $10 ECB)$1.00 off 2 Old spice
Herbal Essence and Aussie Hair care 2/$5.97 (qualified for $30 PG promotion to earn $10 ECB) I purchased 4 products and used the coupon from this weeks paper for $3.00 off 2 HE or Aussie PLUS I had a kiosk coupon for $1.00 off 2 HE or Aussie products and those were able to combine
2 Dove 24oz body wash $7.00 (qualified for $30 PG promotion to earn $10 ECB) used 2 $2 off coupons from paper
1 Dove Mens Care body wash  (qualified for $30 PG promotion to earn $10 ECB)
1 100oz. Tide $11.97 (qualified for $30 PG promotion to earn $10 ECB)
Loreal Youth Code BB cream $11.99
2 Purex BOGO FREE  $6.39 used $1.00 mystery coupon LOL
Sally Hansen nail polish $3.19 and another for $5.49 (spend $10.00 in Sally Hansen get $3 ECB) used $1 off coupon from paper
Sally Hansen nail hardener $3.99 (spend $10.00 in Sally Hansen get $3 ECB) used $1.00 nail care coupon from paper
Maybelline mascara $5.99 (spend $10.00 in Maybelline get $3 ECB) used $1.00 coupon in paper
Maybelline Lip Gloss $7.29 (spend $10.00 in Maybelline get $3 ECB) used $1.00 off coupon in paper
Notice not everything I used a coupon for well thats because since I am a member of the beauty club I get specialized coupons and for this trip I used
$2.00 off $10.00 facial care (Loreal BB cream)
$5.00 off any $15.00 Beauty purchase (combination of everything beauty related)
$5.00 off $15.00 cosmetic purchase (Maybelline and Sally Hansen)
$2.00 off Body wash purchase of $8.00 or more
and I had $4 ECB from a previous purchase

$107.09 before coupons TOTAL OOP $54.92 $22.00 ECB earned making a grand total cost of ONLY $32.92!!!!!

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