Saturday, August 10, 2013

Facebook Changes Things AGAIN

I recently read an article by CNN regarding the most current changes Facebook has made in regards to what actually shows up in peoples news feed. They have decided to take the "most popular" posts (the posts getting the most interaction such as likes, comments, and shares) and move them to the top of your news feed so you don't miss them. But they are filtering out the "less popular" posts which is decreasing what we are seeing in our news feed even more then it was before.

Did you know that you are only seeing 20% of posts from friends and pages that you follow, 20%!! That's it!

So how does Facebook decide what you will or will not see? According to CNN Facebook looks at your most recent everyday actions such as liking, and sharing, the amount of interaction you have with people and pages, then filters out people and pages that you haven't currently interacted with. Meaning that of the approximate 1500+ posts that will be made in any given day from friends or pages you follow you will only see about 300 of them!

What can you do to ensure you are seeing posts from your favorite pages and friends?

Thankfully Facebook has given us a few options to allow us some control over what appears in our news feed. Just a few simple clicks and you can easily stay more connected with the people and pages that you are most interested in.

Interact with your favorite pages posts:
The more you interact with your favorite pages the more Facebook will allow those pages posts to appear in your news feed. Make sure to interact with your favorite pages posts by liking, commenting, and sharing. This will ensure that you will continue to see that pages posts in your news feed, and it will be extremely helpful to the page owner as well. Facebook has made it harder for page owners to reach their fans without paying to promote their posts. This is hard for a lot of small business owners, and unfortunately a lot of pages have shut down because of it, and small businesses have suffered. So help support page, and small business owners and like, comment and/or share the posts that catch your eye or interest you. Its just a simple click but it can make a big difference!

Turn on notifications for your favorite pages and friends that you would like to stay up to date with.  
For pages: hover your mouse over the button that says LIKED on the page wall. A menu will pop up with a variety of options. You will see at the top of the list Get Notifications. Click on that and a check mark will appear beside it, you will now receive a notification anytime that page posts something, making it easier for you to follow your favorite pages and not miss out on anything.
For Friends: hover your mouse over the button that says FRIENDS on your friends profile. A menu will pop up with Get Notifications being the first option, as with the pages, click on it and you will be notified when your friend posts.

Choose how many updates you see from pages and friends.
This is another way to make sure you are seeing the posts you want to see. When you hover over the LIKED button on a page, or the FRIENDS button on your friends profile, you will see settings in the menu of options. Click on that and you can choose how many posts you see in your news feed. You can select all updates, most updates, or only important. Select how frequently you would like to see that friend or pages updates in your news feed.

So what do you think of the most recent changes Facebook has implemented? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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