Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Best Smartphone Apps to Save You Money!

I'm all about saving and earning extra money any way I can and with these smartphone apps I have.Whether its savings or rewards, anything I earn is something I didn't have before, and getting it for free just makes it that much better! Below are some free smartphone apps you can sign up for to save money and/or earn rewards. I use all 4 of these and I love them! Check them all out and let me know which one is your favorite.

Ibotta is an app available for smartphones that gives you money when you
purchase certain products. The money you earn is stored in your Ibotta account. Once you earn at least $5.00 you can transfer the money to your paypal account! Ibotta also offers different bonuses to increase your earnings! I LOVE this app. I get great deals on items by combining coupons and sales with Ibotta offers and bonuses. I earned $28.00 this month using Ibotta! Right now new users can get a $10.00 bonus for signing up and using the app.! Check out these money maker scenarios for new users.

Endorse App Screen ShotEndorse is a free app. available for smartphones that offers a cashback % when you purchase certain items. Earn anywhere from 10% to 100% cash back on some items! Some offers aren't even brand specific, you can purchase any brand you like even store brands! With Endorse you can earn cash back on multiple quantities of the same item! Items are updated every Thursday morning so there are fresh offers weekly, and the more you use Endorse the more customized your offers will be. Earned money can be transferred to your Paypal account or you can request a check. You can also earn points for simply uploading receipts even if you didn't purchase any of the offers. Points can be redeemed for donations to fund the local school of your choice! Sign up for Endorse here and start saving money and helping your local schools!

Shopkick is a free app. for smartphones that rewards users with points or "kicks" for simply walking into stores, scanning  items, and making purchases at different stores in your area. Points can be redeemed for  gift cards or merchandise. Shopkick offers tons of incentives and bonuses to help users earn more points all the time. Additionally when you walk into a store and open your Shopkick app. Shopkick will send you coupons and discounts to use in that store! This app. is a lot of fun. It's a great way to keep the kids occupied during a shopping trip. My youngest son loves helping me find items to scan, it's like a scavenger hunt everytime we shop! Sign up for Shopkick here and get bonus sign up kicks!

  • SPECIAL BONUS RIGHT NOW: Shopkick is offering a FREE $2.00 Target gift card to Shopkick users. Once you have signed up go here to claim your gift card, just click on I have the Shopkick app. and enter your mobile number. Gift card will be rewarded automatically the next time you walk into Target!

Checkpoints is a free app. for smartphones that rewards you with points for scanning items in stores. You can also earn points for completing offers and playing games. Points can be redeemed for gift cards or merchandise. This is another fun app to use during shopping trips, and offers points to some stores that Shopkick doesn't. Access Checkpoints from your phones app. market and install it, register on the app to earn 200 points, and enter sgregory in the bonus code section to to receive 100 additional bonus points!

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