Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sign up for Ibotta and get $2.00 FREE!

HeroIf you haven't started using Ibotta yet, your missing out on easy money. Ibotta is a simple savings app that you can download onto your android or Iphone for FREE and earn money when you buy certain products. The money is credited to your Ibotta account and then you transfer the CASH into your paypal account!

  • Sign up for Ibotta here
  • before you go shopping check your Ibotta app and choose the products you are planning on purchasing and complete the simple tasks to increase your Ibotta credit.
  • Go shopping and get the products you selected
  • After Purchase click redeem on an offer and select the store you purchased from
  • Take a photo of your receipt and scan the product barcode to receive credit
  • once you have $5 in your Ibotta account you can transfer the money to your Paypal account. $5 is super easy to earn. They are always adding new offers to the app, and once you redeem an offer a new one will appear! Plus you can remove up to 3 offers daily that you are not interested in and they will be replaced with a different offer!
Pretty simple! I LOVE Ibotta. And what makes it even better is you can purchase the items using Manufacturer or Store coupons and it will not affect the amount of money you earn on that product. So even if you pay NOTHING for a specific item on your Ibotta app, you will still get your Ibotta rebate!

So check it out, its FREE to download and use and right now when you sign up you will receive a $2 bonus when you redeem 2 offers within the first 2 weeks.

There are also other ways to earn bonuses and rack up extra credits so check out the app and let me know what you think! Feel free to ask any questions.

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